France: where are we going?

France and its deeper issues  

35 hours work week: Untouchable

Social safety net : Untrimmable

Labour costs: Are the government proposals strong or radical enough?

Unemployment benefits / law: Generous plus strict government oversight of layoffs and generous severance

Pension benefits: Generous

The cost and number of ”Fonctionnaires”( Civil servants)  : Untouchable  – Too many and too expensive or both?

”Les Acquis”(Social gains and refer to collective rights) : Untouchable

The 75% tax rate for the super rich: Illegal by the Constitutional Council and maybe a good exit solution for French president

The impact of the ”Comité d’enterprise” : A totally unregulated system managed by the Unions and requiring companies including public companies to contribute with a grant between 1.5% to 3.7% of the global salary pool or in one case a % of the annual turnover. The services offered are from tickets for theater, sport events, summer camps , cheap trips, cruises, retirement homes and much more…..

Growth projections: Just over optimist?